Smockville Brewhouse

Sherwood, OR

Featuring 12-11 Brewing


It all started when...

Sometime hobbies get a little out of hand.... ~15 years after putting together a first batch of homebrew here we are.  In between, then and now has been a typical home brewer story, graduating from extract brewing to all grain, from bottling to kegging, all the while accumulating more equipment.   I don't know exactly what point things got a little out of hand, but it was probably the decision to dig a basement under our house that included a 1BBL brew setup.  However things work out, I was in process of finishing up the basement setup and an opportunity  presented itself that I couldn't pass up.  An opportunity to scale up brewing even further in collaboration with the opening of a new brewpub... how cool is that?  So here we are, learning as we go, working to bring some tasty brew to you and yours